Photography: DATCU Young Artist Series

DATCU Young Artist Series

Our galleries also include a special display titled “Young Artist Series” presented by DATCU featuring photographs by students from Denton Ryan High School, The Koan School, Denton ISD’s Advanced Technology Complex and Brookhaven College.

Brookhaven College Photography & News Photography Courses – Daniel Rodrigue
The Photography and News Photography courses at Brookhaven College are a part of the Communication’s Division and the journalism program. The beginning and advanced courses provide students with hands-on learning to gain practical experience in shooting news, events and portraits as a photojournalist, as well as studio photography including lighting and styling for editorial and advertorial images. The courses help students build a portfolio for careers in journalism, photography, publications, as well as advertising and marketing. Brookhaven Courier staff photographers have received numerous top awards in the state from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association and Texas Community College Journalism Association. Beyond Brookhaven, some of our recent students have had images appear in The Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer, Dallas Voice, Central Track, Advocate Magazine and Eater DFW.

Denton ISD’s Photography Program – Will Milne

Commercial Photography is a course designed for high school juniors and seniors with an interest in photography or the world of advertising. The class learns about operating professional cameras, creating powerful images with purpose, retouching photographs, marketing skills, and about how the commercial advertising industry works in regards to the world of photography. Students leave with a firm grasp on the world of photography as a whole and a “work-ready” portfolio that can land them their first gig as a photographer.

The class is taught at Denton ISD’s Advanced Technology Complex by Will Milne who attempts to develop professional, photographic and personal skills in students that are able to be used the world over. In addition, Milne tries to make connections between the world of photography and the Denton community through business connections and charitable events such as Help-Portrait: Denton and Trashion Fashion.

Billy Ryan High School – Denton, TX – Ryan F. Feuerhelm

Although Mr. Feuerhelm has been teaching photojournalism for only four years, the class itself was going strong long before his arrival. It’s a year-long course that focuses on composition and lighting techniques in the fall, and then Adobe Photoshop and more creative/quirky assignments in the spring. There’s also history, ethics and copyright sprinkled in throughout the year. The students are taught how to take good photos with any kind of camera, whether it’s a DSLR or a Smart Phone. The class is geared toward beginners and serves as a stepping stone to newspaper, yearbook, and/or photography classes at the ATC. Some of the students’ photos are from yearbook and newspaper students who took photojournalism earlier in their high school career.

The Koan School: The Koan High School class includes 9th-11th grade students and their photographs highlight their unique, globally-connected farm school.  The display includes pictures from three months of traveling together in France, projects with younger students, and encounters with wildlife on their fifteen-acre farm. Also included are a few whimsical pictures from the “Time-Traveling School Yearbook” project that showcases some of the amazing adventures they’ve had alongside imaginary travels into the past and future.

The Koan middle school art class studied the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy to inspire the creation of their natural earthworks. They discussed the impermanence of these sculptures and Goldsworthy’s use of photography to document and share his work. The students used a variety of digital cameras to capture lasting images of the playful sculptures they had created. This lesson gave students the opportunity to interact with the environment in a different way and to learn about using photography to provide lasting documentation of that which fades away.

The Middle School students at Koan School present their Spring 2017 portfolio of photographs. Using mainly the cameras on their phones, students took photographs portraying the spring time school environment. Students concentrated on investigating the color, texture, and pattern found within the school building and on the school grounds