2017 Submission Photographer Bios

2017 Submission Photographer Bios:

Photographer Bio
Abby Stanford A category winner at last year’s Thin Line Festival, Abby Stanford is a 19 year old college student currently attending UNT. While growing up in the DFW area, she has discovered a love for photography and live music. Eventually, she found a way to connect these two passions and has been shooting concerts in Dallas ever since. She has decided to follow her dreams and is pursuing a career in the live music industry. She is working towards a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Photography.
Adam Van Fossen My name is Adam Van Fossen. I have been working with photography since 2006 at the age of 15. I started learning on my fathers old Olympus 35mm camera that he used in college, and with that I learned how to shoot and develop black and white film. I was fortunate enough to have a great photography course offered in my high school that specialized in film and developing photos in a dark room. I fell in love with the whole process of creating these photographs entirely on my own. From loading the camera all the way to projecting my film negative on to photo paper. It felt truly magical in a way watching the photos come together over so many steps. I work with digital photography as well, but analog will always be muse.
Angelika Ejtel Angelika Ejtel (alias RapidHeartMovement) was born and raised in Poland. She graduated in French and Romance Philology; later, she accomplished her Ph.D. studies in Modern Philology with specialization in linguistics. She worked at the university for four years as an instructor and researcher before she immigrated to the United States in 2014.

She has been always passionate about the beauty of words, poetry, and profoundly moved by arts, which she had been profoundly ignorant about, including photography. At school, Angelika found immense pleasure in reading books, studying foreign languages, learning poetry by heart, and taking part in recitation contests. It was only a few years ago when she discovered the poetry of a famous Polish poet- Halina Poswiatowska, who inspired most of her work. In October 2013, she published her first portfolio in “Arte Fotogràfica” (issue 61)- international Fine Art Photography Magazine.

The love for Poswiatowska’s poetry and photography soon blossomed into a passionate journey into art and self as her interest in artistic interpretations and depictions grew. She held her first art exhibit in September 2015 at the Festival of Photo MAP in Toulouse, France as a winner of Young Talent competition. Then she started exhibiting extensively worldwide being judged by eminent jurors such as Sarah Krepp (Chicago, IL, U.S.), Zsolt Batori (Budapest, Hungary), Dona Laurita (Louisville, CO, U.S.) or Louise Clements (New York, U.S.). Some of her latest achievements are awarded the third place winner in the GEOMETRY 2016 contest by The New York Center for Photographic Arts in May 2016, the Artistic Achievement by Louisville Art Association at the 25th National Photography Show in June 2016,  Louisville,  CO, U.S., and the  First Place Winner in photography category in October 2016 in “Art Hop”- Statewide Arts Competition, Georgetown Art Center,  TX,  U.S.A.
Angelika uses herself as a subject for her images. She considers her photographic creation as a poetic experience in which she drowns and infuses herself and, as a result, it gives her the feeling that she is reborn with each portrait into a new being. Although, all of her photographs are self-portraits, they shouldn’t be necessarily read as self-presentations, rather they should be revealed as the multiplicity of “selves” available to one individual. To put it succinctly, her attitude towards the self is more of an exploratory journey between an awareness of self and an unawareness of some aspects of oneself. It must be stressed that all of her pursuits in photography so far, are self-taught, purely intuitive and deeply-rooted in linguistic theories of cohesion in text.

Anna Baack Hi, my name is Anna and I am 15 years old. I am a 2nd year photography student at my homeschool co-op called Sonlight.
Brian Doore Brian has been a photographer and Denton resident for over a decade. He specializes documentary style photography ranging from street photography to weddings however his passion is making photographs that leave the audience wondering “What the hell am I looking at?” When he’s not behind a camera lens he is tending bar at Oak Street Drafthouse off the square.
Chance Kirby I have been taking pictures all of my life. I do not focus on any one genre. I just try to take pictures of any and all things that interest me.
Charlene Ferguson I live in the woods with the other wild animals.
Charlie Collier Charlie Collier, hailed as “The Doer of Things”.  Things he does include: Animating, Taking photos, Making videos, Blacksmithing, Forgetting to wear shoes.  For full list of things, please inquire.
Claire DeJarnett Claire DeJarnett, a Master’s student at the University of North Texas studying documentary film, uses her work to reflect her interest in the lives of people, music, and emotion.
Connor Fenwick Connor Fenwick is an interdisciplinary abstract and conceptual visual artist from Chicago, USA. His work is often influenced by human nature, expression of identity, and romanticism. Primarily a photographer, he has taken photographs for events, magazines, promotions, and personal use. He is a member of the National Art Honor Society, a Scholastic’s Art and Writing “Golden Key” recipient, and is currently undertaking an internship with artist Oli Rodriguez. He studies photography, writing, and performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Curtis Smith Curtis Smith is a Denton native that began taking photographs on the annual staffs at Congress Jr High and Denton High School, producing some of his best work before the age of 18.
David Simpson I am a visual artist and photographer living in Denton, Texas. Born in Oak Cliff, I have been living in Denton since 2004. My current focus is primarily film photography, including 35mm, medium format, and instant film.
Debra Miller I have been photographing landscape and architecture for about 7 years. Being able to combine my two passions, photography and travel. I recently got into concert photography using the pseudonym Debi Danger working with Mildly Distorted LLC.
Elizabeth Harding I’ve been photographing for about 8 months now, my background is in 3D Animation and VFX. I’ve found a passion for photography, a simple photo can tell you so much. It’s a breath of fresh air.
Erika Kuciw With an interest in photography that stems back to the tender age of 4, Erika Kuciw still remembers sifting through old family albums at her grandparents’ home.  Years later, a hobby of 60+ photo albums takes on a whole new meaning.

Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, Erika’s interest in photography blossomed, and in 1997, Erika began shooting pictures for local newspapers, theatre companies, public relations firms, and charities. As the new millennium was approaching, Erika photographed her first series, Intimacy, and began pursuing freelance portrait work.  In 2004, art photography became her focus with the start of another series, Beautiful Confident Vulnerable Women. Erika completed her latest series, Isolation, in autumn 2014.

Drawing on fifteen years of professional experience and nearly a lifetime of amateur experience, Erika specializes in portraiture, using her talents to capture the essence of humanity in color and black & white.  With a Bachelor of Science degree from the New York Institute of Technology, where she minored in Fine Arts, Erika has also pursued technical coursework in photography at Long Island University.

Her work concentrates a powerful eye on humanity and our connection to one another.  Observing the human form with an intimacy not always associated with the camera’s eye, Erika’s photos look through that form, to discover what exists under the surface.

Geoffrey Ussery I am a physics teacher by trade and a photographer as a hobbyist. My flirtation with photography with a Canon film camera and kit lenses handed down from my grandfather. I’ve always been drawn to the challenge of capturing striking moments of people in action. Initially, I explored my love of ice hockey, but over the years, I gradually have come to focus on the live music scene around DFW (and now Denton in particular) as I have spent more and more time attending concerts.
Ingeborg Jaynes I am happily married with three children. My family is the center of my life. I have traveled extensively in Europe both as a child and as an adult. This has given me a more global view. The influence of traveling has affected me and my political, social views and it affects my work as well.
James Holt Brad Holt is a professional filmmaker and photographer who resides in Denton, TX. He is a clean energy advocate and avid travel photographer. Brad is now on year seven of his passion project (Project 365), in which he takes a photo each day and creates an annual book.
Jason Thornton I am an internationally award winning lifestyle, food and drink photographer serving North Texas.
Jesse Anderson Since picking up a camera for the first time Summer 2016 I was bitten by the photography bug and haven’t looked back. I have found a new love street photography and grabbing shots with a human element added to them. I find it extremely challenging and most shots do not work out as expected, but when they do I get very exited at grabbing that moment in time. In the short time shooting my work has been featured on Central Track and Instagram feeds InstaFtWorth and CapturedDallas. As a father, musician, and wanderer with a camera I look forward to the moments the world gives us.
Jill Jordan Jill Jordan is a photographer based in Dallas who specializes in documentary photography.  She enjoys capturing life’s daily images.
Katie Montgomery Katie Mont is a Web Designer living in Denton, Texas. She spends her spare time working on her clothing line, 1124, photographing friends and adventures as well as working on various other art and passion projects. She is a health nut who loves travel and making as many friends as she possibly can.
Katie Reese Katie Reese grew up in Texas. She began to study photography at Collin College. She then transferred to the University of North Texas where she earned her Bachelor’s of fine arts in photography in 2015. She now resides in Denton while continuing to create fine art and music.
Kendra Laflin Kendra Laflin is a photographer residing in Austin, Tx. She likes to play with many mediums including 35mm, Polaroid and digital photography.  Her favorite subjects include nature and setting up scenes of whimsy with her favorite bunny mask.
Kylie McLaughlin Kylie McLaughlin is a Denton Local Artist. Her mediums include photography, film-making, and special effects makeup.
Maegan Noel After a long day of storm chasing, it ended with this beautiful supercell in the town of Jolly, Texas. The whole thing was rapidly rotating and came so close to producing a tornado. Nature never ceases to amaze me with its intense, unpredictable power.
Mary Simon Texas Artist and UNT alumna, Mary Simon, recently returned from a 3 year relocation overseas.  She traveled extensively during that time and constantly had her camera on hand.  She uses her photographs as reference material and inspiration for, or as part of, her artwork.  During her explorations, Mary found the details and contrasts in her surroundings to be the most fascinating.  This turned into a  “thing” for signs.  Here are a few from her travels that made her chuckle.  Why not make ya’ll smile too?  Enjoy!
Matt Sims My name is Matt Sims, and I specialize in travel photography. I live in Grapevine, Texas, but I love to travel to distant locations and photograph interesting people and places. My collections include photos from Laos, Cambodia, Burma, India, Vietnam, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Peru among others. I am also the  author of PEAKS AND VALLEYS: A SOLO HIKE ACROSS THE ALPS as well as BURMA: A JOURNEY ACROSS TIME.
Michael Leza I’ve been seeing things for my entire life. Moments in time, beautiful bits of the world that just seemed to slip away. Then I learned I could save them and share them using a camera, and so now I do it because if I don’t I’ll likely go mad.
Nick Paugh I am a 21 year old college student and I sometimes take photos of my perspective. It’s fun when you get to be yourself through photography.
Patti Simpson Patti Simpson is a film photographer based in Denton, TX.
Preciosa Johnson I am a hobby photographer living in Denton, TX.
Ray Murphy A DFW native who loves to explore with his cameras.
Rudy Cervantez I’m a recent graduate of the Media Arts Department at UNT. I’ve shot behind the scenes photography for award winning filmmakers in narrative and documentary film productions. My work has been recognized by national and international film festivals for screenwriting, filmmaking and photography.

Born in Del Rio, TX and reside in Denton, TX.

Shannon Drawe Shannon Drawe is a professional photographer who has lived and worked in Denton for several years. His work spans more than half his life, and subjects as diverse as fish, and as conformist as commercial photography.
Skyler Styron A 21 year old photographer living in Denton, Texas. I am a car photographer during the week, and on weekends I am usually photographing the streets and rooftops of Dallas and Fort Worth.
Stephanie Holloway Stephanie Holloway is a native Texan, avid photographer, website designer, and creative spirit. Owner of STEPHiAM Enterprises, she is currently completing her studio art degree in Photography and Sculpture at the University of North Texas in the College of Visual Arts and Design. Vice President of Public Relations for the Music Theatre of Denton, Stephanie is passionate about serving and supporting our local art community.
Will Milne Will Milne is a photographer and photography educator in Denton, TX.