Board & Committees

Thin Line Fest is made possible by the ongoing dedication of a few volunteers. Yes, we are managed entirely by volunteers. All of these people have day jobs. If you see one of them at the festival, let them know you appreciate their dedication to the arts.

Board of Directors

Joshua Butler – Festival Director
Kathy Orr – Vice President
Paul Meltzer – Vice President
Anne Sullivan – Secretary
Michael Fraga – Operations Director
Mindy Arendt – Creative & Marketing Director
Stanton Brasher – Film Program Director
Susan Davis – Senior Film Programer
Bryan Denny – Music Program Co-Director
Dallas Guill РMusic Program Co-Director
Ed Steele – Photography Director
Chris Avant – Senior Music Programmer
Gail Patterson – Hospitality Director
Susan Thornton – Box Office Manager
Alex Payne – Director


Film Committee

  • Stanton Brasher (Chair)
  • Joshua Butler
  • Susan Davis

Music Committee

  • Dallas Guill (Chair)
  • Bryan Denny
  • Chris Avant

Photography Committee

  • Ed Steele (Chair)
  • Anne Sullivan
  • John Bradley

Marketing / PR Committee

  • Mindy Arendt (Chair)

Sales Committee

  • Paul Meltzer (Chair)
  • Kathy Orr
  • Joshua Butler
  • Marielena Carpanzano