Property of the State

Property of the State

87 minutes
Saturday, 4/22 @ 6:15PM (Texas Premiere)
Campus Theatre
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Property of The State is a powerful drama based on the true story that gripped Ireland in the 1990’s. It tells of a young woman who must deal with the devastating effects of having a murderer for a brother.

“Can you still love someone who has done a terrible thing?”
Ann Marie O’Donnell

Property of The State tells of a disturbed young man by the name of Brendan O’Donnell. Seen through the eyes of his sister Ann Marie, piece by piece she threads together the events that ultimately lead to the harrowing murders of a young mother, her child and a local priest in the forest of East Clare, Ireland. Ann Marie lived through it all.

Written by: Susan Morrall
Directed by: Kit Ryan