What Happened in Vegas

85 minutes
Saturday, 4/22 @ 11PM (Texas Premiere)
Campus Theatre
Watch the Trailer

While on vacation in Las Vegas, filmmaker Ramsey Denison is walking through a parking lot when he sees a group of police officers abusing a stranger in custody. Shocked by what he’s witnessing, he calls 911 to report police brutality — only to find himself being attacked by police and arrested. After reading a police report filled with lies and discovering that the video documenting his attack by police has conveniently gone missing, Denison investigates a terrifying pattern of police brutality and discovers that behind the shimmering surface of Las Vegas lies a police department with individuals willing to go to any lengths to cover up its crimes.

Directed by: Ramsey Denison (in attendance for Q&A)
Produced by: Doug Blush, Randy Wiles, & Ramsey Denison

Website: https://www.whathappenedinvegasthemovie.com/


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