The Hoax

13 minutes
Screens with Variety Program 1
Thursday, 4/20 @ 5PM (Festival Premiere)
Campus Theatre
Watch the Trailer

Hoax is a mockumentary drama-comedy which follows the making of Sam Maynard’s opus documentary entitled El Chupacabra: The Blood Sucking Creature from Hell. To fulfill his life’s goal, Sam dupes a college film student into documenting his exploits as they both stumble through the harsh wilderness in order to once and for all obtain proof of this Mexican beast. In so doing, Sam can validate his own existence as well as the Chupacabra’s.

Directed by: Hayden Zaiser
Written & Produced by: Kenneth Severson


Thin Line Fest is a five-day film, music, and photography festival in Denton, Texas.

The 2017 festival is April 19-23, 2017. General admission to all festival programming is free.