Parking & Mobility

Parking & Mobility

Please refer to the Maps page; then follow these suggestions. Parking areas are indicated on the Map. All areas listed are free parking.

  • Street Parking (2 blocks or less) – Nearly every street through downtown has parking on one side or both. These spaces turn over quickly. Drive around the square once or twice. Check the side streets within a block or two. There is also street parking directly in front of each theater!
  • Perimeter Lots (3 to 4 blocks) – There are three large parking lots within 4 blocks of the Campus Theatre. One is North on the corner of Elm and Parkway. One is West, behind the Wells Fargo building; and one is East at Carroll and Mulberry. Each location is marked on the Maps.

Thin Line Taxis
Thin Line operates a fleet of festival vehicles driven by dedicated Thin Line volunteers. If you have a VIP pass, we’ll give you a ride to anywhere inside Denton’s Loop 288. Catch a Thin Line Taxi at one of the below festival taxi stands (look for the sign):

    • Campus Theater (214 W. Hickory) – Located on Chestnut St on the side of the theater.
    • Springhill Suites (Centre Place) – Front entrance.
    • Nightly Music Events (Various) – Taxis will be available at each nightly music event up to 30 minutes after the end of the event.

Thin Line Taxis are also available for trips to/from the DFW and Love Airports. Please e-mail guestrelations AT thinline DOT us to schedule a ride.

Need to rent a car? Let us pick you up from the airport and we’ll bring you to our local dealer. There, you will get a much better rate and you can even return the car at the airport!

Hoofin’ It

Thin Line is generally walkable. Most events are located at venues within a few blocks from the Downtown Square.

Downtown Denton is a very safe place to walk around. When you are ready to head back to your hotel, head over to a Thin Line Taxi Stand and we’ll get you back safely!