2018 Music

Robert Trusko

Saturday, April 21 / 10PM / J&J’s Basement   Dallas, TX

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Rosegarden Funeral Party is a band that is as tastefully derivative, yet unique as it's band name.

Rosegarden Funeral Party

Wednesday, April 18 / 10:30PM / Dan’s Silverleaf Dallas, TX Based out of Dallas, Tx, Rosegarden Funeral Party is composed of Leah Lane, Mikka Vanya Brightheart, Wil Farrier, and Tate Christopher. Inspired by everything from the underground garage’s of the 1960’s, to the Dark Wave, New Wave, Goth, and New Romantic movement’s of the 1980’s,…

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Salt Petal is invigorating audiences and critics alike with a tropical surf sound in a category all it’s own.

Salt Petal

Sunday, April 22 / 6PM / Harvest House Los Angeles-based collective Salt Petal is invigorating audiences and critics alike with a tropical surf sound in a category all it’s own. With electric guitars, bass, and drums, blending with accordion, synthesizers, and hand percussion topped with multi-lingual lyrics, they hold audiences captive in a new dance…

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Shredders by Doomtree - Minneapolis-based Hip-Hop Crew


Friday, April 20 / Midnight / Andy’s Shredders, which features P.O.S., SIMS, Paper Tiger, and Lazerbeak, is the newest offering from the Doomtree Collective. Doomtree started as a mess of friends in Minneapolis, fooling around after school, trying to make music without reading the manual. The group had varied tastes—rap, punk, indie rock, pop—so the…

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Tennessee Stiffs seamlessly blend Americana, blues, rock, folk and country.

Tennessee Stiffs

Saturday, April 21 / 6PM / Harvest House Tennessee Stiffs seamlessly blend Americana, blues, rock, folk, country, and a myriad of other influences into a powerful and provocative product they affectionately call “Death Folk.” Austin, TX https://www.facebook.com/TennesseeStiffs/

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The Demigs from Denton, TX.

The Demigs

Friday, April 20 / 7PM / Andy’s Denton, TX Since 2006, The Demigs have been craftsmen of song and sound. Called “a criminally overlooked jewel of pop artistry” and “without peer,” The Demigs combine the intensity of their live shows with the magnetic attraction of their studio albums — Yardling (2007) and Cities Can Wait…

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The Halfways are a psych noir quintet currently residing in Austin, Texas.

The Halfways

Friday, April 20 / 9PM / Dan’s Silverleaf Austin, TX Born from the sonic spaces between reality and fantasy, The Halfways are a psych noir quintet currently residing in Austin, Texas on Planet Earth.

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A Psychedelic band from Austin, TX.

The Millbrook Estates

Friday, April 20 / 11PM / Dan’s Silverleaf Austin, TX Spring 2017 – The Millbrook Estates took flight from the cocoon known as Roaring Sun. In a town saturated with self-proclaimed psychedelia, this outfit strives to maintain the essential ingredients that truly produce such sounds – constantly pushing the musical boundaries of time and harmony,…

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A conglomeration of musical minds.

The Red Death

Saturday, April 21 / 11:30PM / Andy’s Denton, TX A conglomeration of musical minds, including the head-computers of Kitty Holt (linguistics), Cameron Holt and TT Hardy (string theory), Brad Reed (ballistics), and Jon Harper (seismology)! The Red Death hails from the bowels of Denton, Texas to spew their Geology upon the squishy brains of the…

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Trees Marie

Festival Date/Time/Location: Wednesday, April / 9:30PM / Dan’s Silverleaf Trees Marie is the front-woman of Texan Native alternative-rock band, “Trees Marie and the Heavy Hearts.” A high energy singer-songwriter referencing alternative rock, country, and folk roots with focus on social issues, romance, and reflection of self. Dallas, Texas https://www.facebook.com/treesmariemusic/

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Tyler Kinchen's energetic style of R&B/Funk is eclectic and electric, soulful and natural.

Tyler Kinchen & the Right Pieces

Saturday, April 21 / 9PM / Harvest House From New Orleans, LA by way of Ponchatoula, Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces are reaping much acclaim and attention, traveling from New York City to Los Angeles and around the South, impressing an ideal of true Southern gentlemen. Their energetic style of R&B/Funk is eclectic and…

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