2019 Photography Contest Information

2019 Competitions

Professional Competition

A “Best of” award will be given for each photography category:

  • Feature (Candid)
  • Feature (Abstract)
  • Nature (Wildlife)
  • Nature (Scenics)
  • ‘Walk the Line’ Contest

Each winner will be presented with a $500 cash prize. There will also be an honorable mention.

Amateur Competition

The Amateur Contest is an exhibition of select photographers from area High Schools. 1st and 2nd place winners will receive an award and free submissions to the 2019 festival. There will also be an honorable mention.

2019 Winners

2019 Professional Competition Winners

Featured (Abstract)

  • Winner: Brandon Wade – Spiral
  • Honorable Mention: Michael Clements – National Cemetery

Featured (Candid)

  • Winner: Emily Garthwaite - Iraqi Children Playing
  • Honorable Mention: Brad Holt - Floating!!

Nature (Scenic)

  • Winner: Chance Kirby - Final Seconds
  • Honorable Mention: Nat Chittamai - Sunrise at Reflection Canyon


  • Winner: Matt Sims - Monkey Family Sleeping
  • Honorable Mention: Klaus Mayer - Lion Cub Chasing Zebras

"Walk the Line" - Photo Contest

  • Winner: Christopher Zebo - Rio Grande Sunrise
  • Honorable Mention: Charlene Pearson Ferguson - Stairway At San Haven Sanatorium

2019 Amateur Competition Winners

Feature (Abstract)

  • First Place: Jayden Glover (Denton ISD Advanced Technology Complex) - Universe in a Cup
  • Second Place: Katie Jones (Denton ISD Advanced Technology Complex) - Guy in a Field
  • Honorable Mention: McKenzie Stevens (Denton ISD Advanced Technology Complex)  - Girl With Moon
  • Honorable Mention: Michelle Maldonado (Denton ISD Advanced Technology Complex) - Girl with Sunlight on her Face

Feature (Candid)

  • First Place: Elienai Tiago (Aubrey High School) - The Simple Beauty
  • Second Place: Michelle Maldonado (Denton ISD Advanced Technology Complex) - Man Walking
  • Honorable Mention: Isabel Balabuch (Ryan High School) - Boy Runs Over Puddle
  • Honorable Mention: Abigail Armstrong (Ryan High School) - Thanksgiving

Nature (Scenic)

  • First Place: Madisyn Welborn (Denton ISD Advanced Technology Complex) - Indigo Night
  • Second Place: Margaret Sitzes (Denton ISD Advanced Technology Complex) - Beauty in the Presence
  • Honorable Mention: Martin Diaz (Pilot Point High School) - Lone Dandelion
  • Honorable Mention: Karina Schoals (Lewisville ISD Career Center East) - Road

Nature (Wildlife)

  • First Place: Courtney Pedigo (Ryan High School) - Swimming Ducks
  • Second Place: Courtney Pedigo (Ryan High School) - White Heron Flying
  • Honorable Mention: Michelle Maldonado (Denton ISD Advanced Technology Complex) - A Cow with Horns
  • Honorable Mention: Raeleigh Tanos (Aubrey High School) - Fox in the Field

"Walk the Line" - Photo Contest

  • First Place: Sammantha Haynes (Aubrey High School) - Lost on the Rail
  • Second Place: Fatima Sandoval (Ryan High School) - Old Bridge in the Middle of Nowhere
  • Honorable Mention: Yaxeni Hernandez-Salazar (Ryan High School) - Tip-Top
  • Honorable Mention: Abby Hunt (Denton ISD Advanced Technology Complex) - Portrait of Quincy Stoker-Schaeffer


2019 Jurors

Al Key
Al Key has been a photographer since 1970 when his father, who was an Air Force pilot and later became an English professor at UNT, bought him his first camera at age 14 to shoot cloud types for meteorological textbooks his dad wrote. They became some of the first “storm chasers”, driving around north Texas looking for various forms of atmospheric expression. Key was born in Denton and except for a few years in college, has lived in Denton County his entire life. He was a full-time news photographer at the Denton Record-Chronicle for 30 years shooting everything from fashion- to fires- to football- to food- and weather of course. Key won many awards in three decades at the DR-C.

Will Milne
Will Milne is a commercial photographer and photography educator in North Texas. When he isn’t behind the camera, you can find him losing to his son on a basketball court or grabbing a cup of coffee somewhere in town.

Daniel Rodrigue
Daniel Rodrigue is a professor of journalism, multimedia storytelling, photojournalism and analogue/darkroom photography at Brookhaven College, where he also advises the campus’s award-winning student newspaper and literary magazine. He was awarded the 2019 Excellence in Teaching/Minnie Stevens Piper Professor Award at Brookhaven, and chosen as the 2019 Texas Intercollegiate Press Association’s Adviser of the Year. For a decade now, he’s been writing and shooting for the Dallas Observer – writing everything from cover stories to blog posts and columns, and shooting video, digital stills and Polaroids.

O. Rufus Lovett
O. Rufus Lovett has been living in Longview, Texas for the past 42 years teaching photography at Kilgore College and working as a fine art and editorial photographer. In 2005 he was awarded Piper Professor from the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation in San Antonio for superior teaching at the college level. The University of Texas Press at Austin published two of his photographic books, Weeping Mary in 2006 and Kilgore Rangerettes in 2008. More recently he has completed a book with food writer Robb Walsh, BBQ Crossroads that was released by The University of Texas Press in April 2013.