Friday, April 12 / 4:00PM / Alamo Drafthouse 1
Saturday, April 13 / 12:45PM / Alamo Drafthouse 8

2018 | USA | 59 MIN | Texas Premiere

Norman Mineta is one of the most influential Asian Americans in the history of our nation. A child of immigrants, his uniquely American story charts a path from the shame experienced as an American citizen inside a U.S. internment camp to a public service career that included 20 years in the U.S. Congress and serving in the Cabinets of two Presidents from different parties — Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Now thriving in his 80s, a bipartisan trailblazer, patriot and bold changemaker, his legacy is a lifetime committed to social justice and the embodiment of the American dream.

Director: Dianne Fukami
Producer: Debra Nakatomi (in attendance)
Paired with the short: Erasing the Border

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