2017 | USA | 68 MIN

Sunday, March 29 | 3:30PM

In unraveling the journey of PTSD and the aftermath of war, a Vietnam era military child speaks with veterans and family members and exposes the unflinching impact of war, and the failing systems that continue a legacy of trauma from generation to generation. service and the emotional cost of war. This award-winning film makes a return to Thin Line from its 2018 screening by popular demand.

Director/Writer/Producer: Anita Sugimura HolsappleĀ 
Editor: Brent Joseph, Avaryl Halley
Sound Editor: Michael Gilbert
Composers: Charles Bernstein, Patricia Lee Stotter Principal Cast: Steven L. Sears Language: English
Website: https://battlefield-home.com/

Paired with the Short Film: Code Ruth

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