2018 | USA | 76 MIN | Texas Premiere

Friday, March 27 | 8:30PM

Saturday, March 28 | 1PM

What exactly happened on November 8, 2016? Turning its focus away from politics and towards the election process itself, Capturing the Flag tells the deeply personal story of four friends who travel to Cumberland County, NC – named “poster child” for voter suppression – intent on proving that the big idea of American democracy can be defended by small acts of individual citizens. Through the intimate experiences of the film’s volunteers we are inspired to vote, to help someone else vote, and to get personally involved in protecting our endangered civic life. A close-up examination of American democracy at its most vulnerable point – the ballot box – and a meditation on the essential power of the citizen in the American experiment.

Director/Producer: Anne de Mare
Producers: Elizabeth Hemmerdinger, Laverne Berry
Editors: Satoko Sugiyama, Aljernon Tunsil
Cinematographer: Nelson Walker III
Composer: Christopher North
Accessible Audio Description: Michele Spitz/Woman of Her Word
Impact Producer/Campus Tour: Un Kyong Ho
Language: English Website: http://www.capturingtheflag.com/

Paired with Short Film: He’s Still Fast

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