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How I chose to end a night. A Bio In Rambles

I don’t enjoy bios. Writing a bio, about myself, has always seemed as an impersonal task that leaves me with a bad taste. Writing a bio is the art of writing about one’s self while intentionally attempting to sound not like one’s self. This is social media. And social media’s intent, I think, is to connect with damn near anyone personally by some sort of non-personal digital medium. So I’m writing through me, from me and, in that, about me. I certainly hope so anyway.

It’s a late night in LA and I’m stone cold sober. I have been for a month. I do not recommend sobriety. Everything becomes too clear. This is a habit I’m hoping to break very soon. I’ve been losing sleep to sobriety as I’ve had no whiskey to quiet the workings of my overactive noggin. I often wonder about could have been’s, will be’s, and what not’s whilst I chase sleep. Sometimes I write a song I hate. And I lose sleep over it. Sometimes read a book. I find it’s good practice to keep literature, pens and paper near the bed, or in my case, on the bed. You see, I live in a non-profit music venue here in La La Land. My room is very small and only accommodates a small amount of furniture. One side of my bed is my bedside table.

I do enjoy paper. Especially that of an old book. The smell, the smell the smell. Reading drives me to write. Novels and songs are very different animals. I’d rather raise a song than breed a novel any day of the week. Most of my songs, if not all, come from real moments in my life. Most of them self serving or self deprecating. I like to think that the two go hand in hand. I’m not sure if they’re any good. I’m not sure if this attempt to replace the bio is any good. I can’t say I know about things being good anyhow.

The truth is I don’t write and create music because I think I’m any good. I just do it. And I think I’ll continue to do it. I can’t say I like it. If I didn’t like it I probably wouldn’t write it. There’s a reason out there why I write and sing and play. I’m sure it’s a wallop of a reason. Being a singer/songwriter means you’re selfish. It, like all arts, is a selfish practice. I’m coming to terms with that.

Long story long, you can call me Frankie. I play guitar and sing about the things I do that I may or may not like.

Denton, TX

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