2019 | USA | 85 MIN | Texas Spotlight

Thursday, March 26 | 8:15PM

With breathtaking visuals, intimate access and action-packed scenes, award-winning Hurdle (from first-time Dallas filmmaker Michael Rowley) reveals an exciting story emerging from the hearts of Palestinian youth living in the Occupied Territories. Leaders to the youth of their communities, Sami and Mohammad, teach the creative practices of parkour and photography as a means to overcome the personal and political obstacles that often feel inescapable. Ultimately, the next generation of Palestinians must decide what to do with the wars and walls they inherit and find ways to practice their freedom.

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Michael Rowley
Producers: Andrew Brown (in attendance), Remoy Phillip, Michael Rowley
Associate Producer: Bailey Wise
Language: English, Arabic, Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Website: http://www.hurdlefilm.com/

Paired with Short Film: A Line Birds Cannot See

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