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Jacob Metcalf
Jacob Metcalf is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Dallas, Texas.

Metcalf’s debut album Fjord (2016) received positive responses from the international press community and music lovers alike for its art-folk compositions. The eleven song collection ranges from wistful, unhurried ballads to swirling, majestic orchestrations, sometimes within the same song, and all set to Metcalf’s inviting vocals and non-linear story-telling.

Highlighting eastern sounds and western orchestra, Fjord reads like a love letter to humanity, for splintered people living in a fractured age.

DFW music critic Preston Jones remarked, “Metcalf’s solo debut is exquisite, its beauty both on the surface and further down — his reedy, emotive voice rests atop intricate instrumentation, full of flickering strings, plucked guitars and dry percussion — making songs like the gorgeous title track or Ein Berliner lodge firmly in the mind.”

Hear Fjord in its entirety on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Bandcamp, Youtube, 180 gram vinyl, CD, and more.
Metcalf is writing album number 2, Monitors, slated for release in summer 2020.

Dallas, Texas
Doug Burr
Doug Burr has a habit of mulling things over, kneading thoughts around until they yield something of value. Burr is soft-spoken, bespectacled and rangy. Yet his placid manner belies the storm of paranoia, longing and wonder agitating at his core. The singer-songwriter from Denton, Texas, is often lauded for his candor, a reputation earned through no small labor. Burr is a disciple of the hard way that weaves between easy answers, buffeted, always pressing toward the truth. It takes patience to navigate that way, bypassing all the satisfying hokum the world offers in order to stress your brain into a deeper thought. But for Burr, anything less is a wasted half-effort. “I’m not in a rush,” Burr plainly declares, and returns to his thoughts.

After releasing several beloved albums, Doug Burr now returns with a new album, Pale White Dove. While Devastator, dabbled with heavier sounds, Pale White Dove swings the sledgehammer with abandon. Burr sounds like a man whose noted patience is worn to a raw bundle of nerves. Pale White Dove is apt for this age, marred as it is by violence in word and deed. Just one more cogent volume in Burr’s patient vocation of storytelling and truth-digging for the people.

Denton, Texas

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