March 25-29, 2020 | Denton, Texas, USA

Marathons & Unicorns

Festival Date/Time/Location: Saturday, April 13 / 7PM / Dan’s Silverleaf

Marathons & Unicorns (Denton TX) began in late 2014 as a new creative endeavour of Eric Nichelson (Midlake) and his sons Owen, 15, and Tate, 7. Comprised of drumset, bass, keyboard, and electric guitar, M&U improvise songs in the rock, punk, and country genres. They have had the privilege of performing at 35denton, Oaktopia, Good Records, Kiwanis 4th of July at Apogee Stadium, and ThinLine Festival among others. Currently performing as a quartet
with daughter Claire, 13, on vocals, and recording their first record at Denton Music Workshop.

Denton, Texas

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