2019 | USA | 87 MIN

Friday, March 27 | 6:30PM

Saturday, March 28 | 5:15PM

To a stranger, he’s an eccentric Singaporean obsessed with toilets, but to those who know him, he’s ‘Mr. Toilet’. A former entrepreneur, Jack Sim, uses humor to campaign for something no one dares talk about: shit. It’s a crisis impacting over two billion people. Having established UN World Toilet Day, Sim plunges into his biggest challenge yet when asked to help make India a defecation-free zone. But with few resources and no real governmental support, Mr. Toilet discovers there is a price to pay for being the world’s #2 hero.

Director: Lily Zepeda
Producers: Jason Choo, Eugene Efuni, Tchavdar Georgiev, Conrad Whelan, Lily Zepeda
Writers: Tchavdar Georgiev, Hee-Jae Park, Monique Zavistovski, Lily Zepeda
Editors: Hee-Jae Park, Monique Zavistovski
Cinematographers: Khairulhakim Mohamad Bashir, Mrinal Desai, Siyan Liu, Saptarshi Roy
Music by: Nick Urata
Principal Cast: Jack Sim
Language: English, Chinese, Hindu, Telugu
Subtitles: English
Website: https://mrtoiletfilm.com/

Paired with Short Film: B.U.T.T.S.

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