2018 | USA | 80 MIN

Saturday, March 28 | 10AM

In virtually every city, state and strip mall across the U.S., women get their nails done in salons likely owned by Vietnamese entrepreneurs. How did this community come to dominate an $8 billion dollar nail economy? Nailed It takes viewers from Los Angeles to the Bronx to meet the diverse people and relationships behind this booming and enigmatic trade. Nailed It premiered on PBS in May 2019, and is the highest streamed film of the America Reframed series. Uncover the real history of the Vietnamese nail salon!

Director: Adele Pham
Producers: Ina Adele Ray, Kelvin Saint Pham, Adele Pham
Editor: Jessica Windt
Consulting Editor: Lewis Erskine
Cinematographer: Adele Pham
Sound: Tyson Dai
Language: English
Website: https://www.naileditdoc.com/

Paired with the Short Film: Baba’s Next Chapter

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