2018 | Austria | 61 MIN | Texas Premiere

Thursday, March 26 | 1PM

Sunday, March 29 | 12:30PM

When fleeing from the war with the Red Khmer, eight-years-old Ngoc manages to survive alone a three weeks boat odyssey. Thanks to the humanity of an Austrian family, he gets integrated into the Austrian society and becomes a renown TCM doctor. 40 years later, he decides to give medical aid to arriving boat refugees on Lesbos island. There he realizes that his own destiny gets repeated in the faith of this new generation of refugees and old wounds burst open. In an intent to find peace again, he starts with his family a difficult search for his own past.

Director/Writer/Editor/Sound: Natalie Halla Producer: Creative Movies SL
Cinematographer: Teemu Liakka
Music: Michael Andreas Haariger
Principal Cast: Ngoc Levan, Verena Levan, Kai Levan
Language: Vietnamese
Subtitles: English
Website: https://www.promofest.org/films/nowhere

Paired with Short Film: The Silence of War – Damascus

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