2020 | USA | 8 MIN | Texas Premiere

Thursday, March 26 | 8:45PM
Shorts Program: Circle of Time

Simon Flory’s poetry film, Paper Thin Lines, documents a rural Texas family’s day like a home movie of shared memories we can all recall when-and if-we want to, finding common ground and community in today’s divided America. The film follows a family with 7 kids, 5 of which are adopted, through a day at home while they cook, play music, and play outdoors as a narrator (who sometimes appears as a shadow) recites the poem, “Paper Thin Lines”- “There’s a long paper thin line that stretches from here to there, through time and space and where I’ve been, what only I have seen… Why do I remain blissfully ignorant to this line, this gift I can unwrap and find new surprises?”

Director: Simon Flory
Editor/Camera Operator/Special Effects: Paul Heyduck
Language: English
Website: https://simonflory.com/

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