Saturday, April 13 / 2:00PM – 3:30PM / UNT on the Square

Techniques for Captivating Storytelling with Stills:What secrets of composition, subject matter, location, lighting and framing do the professional photojournalists, street photographers and documentary photographers use to capture compelling, decisive moments? How do you capture photographs of subjects on location so the environment adds context and dimension to the shoot without distracting from the subject? How do you write cutlines/captions that “tell the rest of the story”? Telling a compelling story in a photobook, gallery show or multiple-image slideshow comes easy, but how can a photographer tell a whole story in a single frame? (Most newspapers run one, two or three images max, unless for a photo-spread or picture page/panel for a photo essay/story.) What makes a great picture page? This 2-hour panel of long-time photojournalists and documentary photographers will answer these questions and many more, as well as telling crazy stories, taking many rabbit trails and taking questions from attendees.

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