Press Information

Thank you for visiting Thin Line. We have provided basic information below covering the most common requests. Please direct all press inquiries to press AT thinline DOT us.  A festival representative will respond as soon as possible; often within minutes. We welcome all members of the media to come experience Thin Line! Its our job to make your job easier. Let us know how we can help.


All Press Accreditation requests must come via this form. Please make requests by April 17, 2017. Upon approval, you will receive an access code to use during festival registration. Do not register until you receive your code.

High-Res Photos

Many (not all) of our films, musical acts, and photographs have high-res images available. Please e-mail requests for high-resolution photos. Specify which film(s) / band(s) / photo(s) and we will provide you with a link to a zip file containing all available photos for the requested titles. For Thin Line Photo entries, please request the name of the photo(s) and please specify “Thin Line Photo” in your request.

Interview Requests

Dozens of filmmakers, musicians, and photographers from around the world will participate in Thin Line. Many are staying multiple nights and would love to speak with you about their film, music, or photography. Let us know which artist(s) you want time with and we’ll work to set that up. Not all artists will attend the festival.

Artist Contact Information

Every one of this year’s artists are available via phone and email. To contact an artist directly, send us your request and we will provide you with the needed information.