2016 | USA | 90 MIN | Texas Spotlight

Sunday, March 29 | 1PM

In February of 2015 Grammy-award-winning band, Snarky Puppy, recorded a monumental album in front of a live studio audience with guest instrumentalists and vocalists from all over the world. The entire album was recorded in stunning 4K resolution and features candid interviews and acoustic performances from the guest artists only available in the documentary/concert-film. The project is a true testament for showing first-hand how music can be a bridge between diverse cultures from countries from all over the world to create a unifying musical statement for the average listener or the devout music-connoisseur.

Directors: Andy LaViolette, Michael League
Executive Producer: Michael League
Label: GroundUP groundupmusic.net
Video Production Company: Mr. Magic Carpet Ride Productions www.mrmagicproductions.com
Language: English
Website: https://store.snarkypuppy.com/collections/music/products/family-dinner-vol-2-cd-dvd

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