Festival Date/Time/Location: Saturday, April 13 / 8PM / Sweetwater Grill and Tavern

Somogyi is Denton based indie-pop artist fronted by lead singer and songwriter, Ashley Somogyi.  The front woman started performing a few years ago in Denton as a solo, acoustic act, until later forming the band in 2016. Her band consists of a rotation of talented players she met in the Denton music scene. Some of her recordings feature those players, others are simple bedroom-laptop recordings, and her most recent EP, Sideways Dreams, is a full on studio recording, done right here in Denton, TX at Redwood Studios with McKenzie Smith of Midlake.  She also just released another single, Second To Another, last month which was another notorious bedroom recording, produced by the same Jared Herzog, who also produced her debut album, Hopeless Romantic.  You can catch her performing around the DFW metroplex right now, and you can listen to all her current releases on any of the major music platforms like Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, and more.

Denton, Texas

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