2018 | USA | 13 MIN | Texas Premiere

Friday, April 12 / 8:00PM / Alamo Drafthouse 8
Saturday, April 13 / 3:00PM / Campus Theatre

Part mad scientist, part inscrutable musician, Nyle Steiner is a singular presence in the world of underground inventors. Beginning as a trumpet player in the 1960s, Steiner’s creativity led him to experiment with sounds and machines, developing a series of instruments, including the EVI or Electronic Valve Instrument, a brass-style electronic synthesizer which sparked the interest of Hollywood and filmmakers like Francis Ford Coppola who invited him to be a part of the recording of Apocalypse Now‘s soundtrack. For more than 40 years Steiner has been working in his Utah workshop assembling, modulating and understanding anything he can get his hands on.

Director: Arturo R. Jimenez (in attendance)
Language: English
This short screens with the feature film: Float

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