March 25-29, 2020 | Denton, Texas, USA

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Papi Chulo

Festival Date/Time/Location: Friday, April 12 / 9PM / Harvest House Papi Chulo is a band form out of two friends, Movimiento Jalisco and Movimiento Queretaro, who after many different rock band projects and years of playing in the Dallas scene, decided they wanted to do a different kind of music. Movimiento Jalisco wanted to base…

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Rob Buttrum

Festival Date/Time/Location: Saturday, April 13 / 8PM* / J&J’s Ol’ Dirty Basement 100% Tape Collage / Prepared Tape Composition Denton, Texas     *Note: The event will start at 8PM.

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Festival Date/Time/Location: Friday, April 12 / 12AM / Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios NITE are Canadian-born twin brothers, Kyle and Myles Mendes, based in Dallas, TX. The duo create a unique hybrid of electronic-tinged rock with a nod to 80’s-influenced dream-pop. Kyle and Myles’ powerful dueling vocals might remind oneself of Tears for Fears’ Roland Orzabal and…

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