March 25-29, 2020 | Denton, Texas, USA

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Kyoto Lo-Fi

Festival Date/Time/Location: Friday, April 12 / 9PM / Dan’s Silverleaf Kyoto Lo-Fi are no strangers to experimenting with various musical genres and influences. They have a knack for letting each of their songs stand out as a notable musical brainchild while never losing track of that thread that ties the whole package together. – Anon…

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The Bralettes

Festival Date/Time/Location: Saturday, April 13 / 10PM / Rubber Gloves Rubber Gloves The Bralettes is an all girl trio that defines girl power and promotes body positivity by performing in bralettes themselves. As self-taught musicians from Dallas, Texas, they strive to create simple yet catchy music for people of all ages. Paulina’s soft and sweet…

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Festival Date/Time/Location: Friday,¬†April 12 / 11:30PM / Andy’s Bar Established in 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, the trio has established themselves as one of the most successful and motivated bands in the genre today. Elements of Helmet, Melvins, and the Amphetamine Reptile roster can be heard throughout their catalog, but Whores are no regurgitated throwback act.…

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Photo by F. Carter Smith


For over 40 years, Mydolls has created and inspired art in the true spirit of the punk rock ethos: do it yourself and be yourself. These post-punk pioneers have been making relevant, timeless songs that inspire us to rise above and resist hate. Mydolls is an experimental art-punk band which formed in 1978 in Houston.…

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