March 25-29, 2020 | Denton, Texas, USA

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Instant Film Photography Talk & #PolaWalk

Saturday, April 13 / 10:30AM – 12:00PM / UNT  on the Square Through a series of hands-on interactive demonstrations on and around he Square, The Instant Film Society’s Andy Odom, Armand Kohandani (owner of Denton Camera Exchange) and co-founder Daniel Rodrigue will walk attendees through some best-practice tips and tricks on how to snap reliably…

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Photography Shootout

Saturday, April 13 / 12PM – 2PM / UNT on the Square Noon-2: Photography Shootout- Photographers will be given 2 hours to shoot a designated subject at noon. Shooters have until exactly 2pm to file or post 2-3 images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email. Winner will announced during afternoon Portfolio Review Session at 5pm @…

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Photojournalism “Secrets” Panel

Saturday, April 13 / 2:00PM – 3:30PM / UNT on the Square Techniques for Captivating Storytelling with Stills:What secrets of composition, subject matter, location, lighting and framing do the professional photojournalists, street photographers and documentary photographers use to capture compelling, decisive moments? How do you capture photographs of subjects on location so the environment adds…

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O. Rufus Lovett Photography Talk

Saturday, April 13 / 4PM – 5PM / UNT on the Square ‘Light Awareness and Spontaneity’ – Lovett’s editorial work has appeared in Texas Monthly, Peoplemagazine, Money, Gourmet, Saveur, Texas Highways, Houstonia, LensWork, Time and LIFE.

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‘Happy Hour’ Critiques- Portfolio Reviews

Saturday, April 13 / 5PM – 6PM / UNT on the Square 10×10 Portfolio Critiques: Bring up to 10 photographs for a panel of photographers to offer opinions, suggestions and general feedback in a quick 10-minute critique of your work.  Critiques will cover impact, composition, technique and more.

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