Thursday, March 26 | 8PM | Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

The podcast tries to recreate the moments with comics before and after shows where drinks flow and jokes flow even faster. The live podcast features a new comedian every week to give the audience a glimpse into the comic’s life.

With over two years of shows, hours of podcast episodes, hours of YouTube videos, and multiple appearances at other venues, The Brave Boys guarantee the goods. We’ve had Kevin McDonald of Kids in the Hall, David Liebe Hart from Tim and Eric, nearly all of the Funniest Comic in Texas finalists, as well as fantastic not-yet-famous local comics.

The Boys work hard to support the DFW scene on a weekly basis; providing a place for the performers to shine on their own, a dedicated live audience, and consistent payment in more than “exposure”. We also coordinate the comedy for Denton’s Thin Line Film festival, the funds of which go to funding the arts. This backing has garnered several area sponsors who care about the development of local art and entertainment.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Dallas Observer, who named us Best Podcast in DFW. Or ask Slovenia, where we’re the #1 Comedy Podcast for some reason.

Denton, Texas

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